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Christian Techno
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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
9:27 pm
Just a reminder..

If anyone is looking for a good Christian Techno forum, please visit Tastyfresh.com ... it's the best.
Sunday, June 7th, 2009
11:31 pm
Interesting message from MTV
Hey all got an interesting message from MTV.. Does anyone here have an interesting story about their parents not liking the fac that they came to Christ? My parents thought I was juston some wierd religious kick but were happy I wasn't doing "bad stuff" naymore.

Anyway.. check it out:


My name is Jennifer from MTV's True Life. I would really like to speak with you regarding your livejournal group.

Right now we are casting for an upcoming episode of True Life. The main focus of the episode is young people at odds with their parents over their decision to convert to another religion. Our goal is to have resolution at the end of the show, and have both students and their parents understand each other better.

I would really appreciate if you could forward the information along in the group. A lot of times when we post people think we are spam. Parents must be willing to participate in the show. They can email their situations to Parents@mtvnmix.com with their name, age, location, phone number, and recent photo of themselves I would really appreciate it.

Thanks, and feel free to message me with any questions

So there ya go.
Thursday, April 10th, 2008
10:38 am

Hi everyone. I believe God is calling me to be a dj for house music that glorifies Him. Does anyone have any tips or recommendations on equipment. Much appreciated. <3 Ange

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
2:04 am

Here's something I've been working on.

If any of you have any suggestions for this LJ let me know. Not really sure what to do with it now that I've started it.. @@

Maybe I could ask.. what do you think I should add to the interests?
Thursday, August 25th, 2005
4:13 pm
This is meant as a forum for Christians who are also producers, DJs, electronic musicians or lovers of music and what not to encourage one another in the development of skill, appreciation of the artform, edification of Christ and all that good stuff.

Rules are:

Keep it edifying.

Peace in Christ
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